Tinicum Incorporated is a private investment firm with more than 25 years of experience investing in private and public companies.

We are business owners who seek to generate superior returns over the long term without relying on excessive leverage. We combine a long-term perspective and partnership orientation with an ability to understand the intrinsic value of a business and the skill, discipline and patience needed to create equity value for our investors. We pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our relationships as well as our ability to work with managers to make businesses more valuable. Tinicum is currently investing $1.6 billion of committed capital.

Tinicum acquires companies in private transactions or restructurings and also makes minority investments in public and private companies. We have experience across a wide number of industries but tend to focus on companies or industries that are undergoing change or are out of favor.

A significant portion of the capital we manage is from Tinicum’s general partners, including the professionals who make and manage Tinicum’s investments, creating an uncommonly close alignment of interests between the general partner and limited partners.