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Investment Philosophy


We build partnerships—sharing resources, risks and rewards—with capable and motivated people we genuinely enjoy working with. We align our interests with those of our partners by investing a substantial amount of our own money in each transaction. We view ourselves as a constructive, value-added partner whose professional skills complement those of our operating managers and co-investors. In situations where we can add value, we are prepared to contribute our expertise and time.

Long-term Perspective

We prefer to invest in businesses with opportunities for continued capital investment and operating improvements in order to generate attractive after-tax returns over the long term. We manage our investments to preserve and meaningfully increase the wealth of our investors, not to generate high internal rates of return over a short period of time. We do not impose artificially short time horizons on the businesses we own. Rather, Tinicum’s flexible structure allows us to invest—and the managers of our portfolio companies to operate—in ways that prudently balance long- and short-term objectives.

Cautious Use of Financial Leverage

We do not rely on financial leverage to justify an investment. We avoid situations where high-risk equity returns are generated through excessive borrowing or financial engineering. Instead, we evaluate investments based on our estimates of intrinsic value and the potential for value creation through operating improvements and growth.


We regard our reputation as our most valuable asset and conduct our business accordingly. We encourage prospective business associates to contact us for references.